Way of Things

I live on pleasant visions of calms sea and light breeze Times before traumas and emotions like these Drifting lightly across the top of the tides As if taking the absurdness of this in stride Rising high above the pillows adrift each breathe drawn in a precious gift gliding back to somewhat solid ground My... Continue Reading →

The Process

I wish it were easy to be happy in this place, every corner I turn awaits another slap in the face, Karma created has been good as of late, Positive changes made lately are still up for debate, A little help for a man who has suffered more than most, an unselfish man who remains... Continue Reading →

Citizen Earth

Is it really that hard to be a citizen of the Earth Just a Being on the planet at the time of birth No color or creed to decide who ascends A place where happiness is the current trend There would be no lines to separate the states No man in a house to decide... Continue Reading →

Father’s Knowledge

I have been pondering my path lately and how I ended up here, at this moment in time. What's around me, who's around me, where do I connect, how do I connect, is this where I am supposed to be, have I done things right, did I do everything that I could? Like waking in... Continue Reading →


 Still waters far behind, only torrents ahead, arms flailing wildly, heart filled with dread, breathe in the salt, don't drink deep, still waters ahead, what lurks beneath 

Tech Age

Reality it seems is just an image of sorts Your image depends on your appearance in those shorts Your social life is absorbing yet far from reach Your knowledge from YouTube and what they teach That's not interaction of a personal sort That's connecting to others via a port Try looking up while standing in... Continue Reading →

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